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Dr. Gary J. Lysik


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Calabasas, CA 91372


Positioning organizations to thrive and enjoy superior financial standing is more than a job. It's my calling. 

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Cognitive computing approach to breakthrough performance and significant bottom-line impact. I raise business and municipal cultures to be successful organizations by crossbreeding previously homogenized public and private sector tools and applications with emerging digital trends. I fly helicopters, speak L'italiano, and enjoy traveling, hiking, playing a good round of golf, and rollerblading. Numbers matter. Family matters more. 

Look Who is Raving About My Work

"Basically, Dr. Lysik's performance is uniformly outstanding. It’s as high as you can get."

~The late City of Calabasas Founding Councilwoman Lesley Devine

Calabasas City News Alerts
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“Calabasas was run like a small bakery until you came on board in 2003. Those of us working on the inside know you are responsible for the financial standing the City enjoys today. I hope, after you take a few weeks to yourself, you will return to public service. Your cache just went up. The outlook for the economy looks bleak. Particularly now, you are the best person for the job. Municipalities need you.”



“Please reconsider retiring. Public agencies and municipalities need your specialized skills, longsighted vision, and proven ability to position cities, organizations, and work cultures to thrive.”

Mayor Alicia Weintraub

March 9, 2020

March 19, 2020

Former Mayor Barry Groveman

May 21, 2020

Founding Father & Mayor Emeritus

Dennis Washburn

May 20, 2020

University of California, Los Angeles

Business Studies - Finance

Business Studies - Accounting


Numbers are numbers until they aren't. So I've opted to be a lifelong learner. Trends change. As the demand for doing things faster, more efficiently, and most economically increases, I am challenged to push myself to stay apprised of the goings on. It's the only way to consistently deliver fresh, innovative work. 

Pepperdine University

Doctor of Education - Technology 


Dependence upon technology will continue to increase as the need for AI and other digital modes of doing business outpaces  growth. As an expert in technology application and systems use in a competitive work environment, I understand the importance for   teams positioning to win to understand the relationship between humans and computers, and the special management issues surrounding technology.

Pepperdine University

Master of Business Administration 


I credit this bedrock of scientific management in providing me with an edge in structuring competitive advantage, long-term forecasting and positioning, and daily management duties. Utilizing principles of accounting, applied statistics, human resources, business communication, business ethics, business law, business strategy, finance, managerial economics, and operations management, I have been able to position businesses and municipalities to withstand rough times and excel in the face of them. 

California State University

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration 


Business organizations require more than just fundamental operational knowledge. Strong focused leaders who are capable of critical thinking, effective communication, and motivating employees are essential. Understanding business dynamics and operations creates opportunity for successful earning and profit 

Recognition & Awards

Top CFO of the Year

San Fernando Business Journal 

Outstanding Financial Reporting Government Finance Officers Association 

Top Secret Clearance

Department of Defense 

Integrity in Community Service

Edward L Masry 

Outstanding Financial Reporting  California Society of Municipal Finance Officers 

Rank of Eagle Scout

Boy Scouts of America