"I upend legacy data architecture and dated infrastructure to transform the way public and private organizations view and grow business. I help drive value from the billions of dollars spent on human capital and intelligence systems."

City of Calabasas

Calabasas, California

City Manager

Chief Financial Officer

Provided professional leadership in the management of the City and execution of City Council policies. Provided effective municipal services through the coordination and direction of all City activities, including: finance, public works, risk management, public safety, administration, community development, media, community services. and human resources. Administered and executed policy, presenting recommendations and insight to enable the City Council to make logical, well-informed decisions on matters of policy. Responded promptly and positively to all inquiries and requests of citizens, disseminated information regarding City activities, provided input on regional, State and Federal issues affecting the City of Calabasas, conducted audits and studies of fiscal procedures and transactions within the City, maintained a sound fiscal position for the City through the preparation of the annual budget, and provided continuous shaping and monitoring of financial conditions of the City.


Directed financial actions of a city with 278 employees and 24,202 residents. Oversaw all aspects of monetary business related to Calabasas. Tracked cash flow, conducted financial planning, analyzed financial strengths and vulnerabilities, and implemented corrective action plans. Spearheaded a top-to-bottom redesign and utilization of Crystal Reports and Fund Balance software, personnel, and money management. Built a professionally cohesive finance department, exposing untapped growth opportunities. Mined improved market conditions through bond issuance to fund capital improvement projects, slashing debt by $5.3M. Made sound financial investments and properly managed contracts and grants. Consistent primary objective: To make certain Calabasas businesses and residents received services, programs, and open space stewardship that make Calabasas a world class destination.

Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority

Los Angeles, California


Director of Finance

Oversaw all aspects of finance, accounting, and funding dedicated to the development, acquisition, preservation, and management of local open space and parkland, watershed lands, trails, and wildlife habitat. The MRCA manages and provides ranger services for almost 73,000 acres of public lands and parks that it owns and that are owned by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy or other agencies and provides comprehensive education and interpretation programs for the public. The MRCA works in cooperation with the Conservancy and other local government partners to acquire parkland, participate in vital planning processes, and complete major park improvement projects.

Edison International

Rosemead, California


Director of Financial Systems

Managed both the Finance and Information Technology Departments (150 Employees) and oversaw the implementation of hardware, software, and communication upgrades for all aspects of the enterprise. Performed ROI, Rate/Volume, and manpower studies. My team worked to increase financial system efficiency, human capital effectiveness, and heighten financial awareness for key executive managers, decision makers, and Board of Directors. Financial reports were generated using a set of general ledger numbers established to track performance at a detailed work-level. When the number of accounts are too many or not specific enough to the level of work being performed, reports are not comprehensive and lack key decision making information. By restructuring the chart of accounts, the enterprise was able to decrease dedicated-to-task man hours by 25 percent and labor costs by 30 percent. Additionally, a scheduled customer rate hike was stayed saving several million customers an average rate increase of $2.36 per month.

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Hawthorne, California

Operations and Business Planning Manager

Program Manager

Responsible for accounting, budgeting, contracts, cost control, EVMS analysis and detailed reporting, estimating and pricing, financial analysis, financial planning, purchasing, contract management, and reporting for government contracts in excess of $3.2 Billion. Managed all operation duties, including: contract negotiation, pricing, procurement, inventory, program planning and control, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, operations, and quality control with a professional staff of over 300. Principal interface with the United States Air Force and the United States Army commanding officers regarding the design, manufacturing, and delivery of defense products. Designed and implemented a new material ordering program which effectively reduced handling and storage costs, minimized scrappage, and reduced ordering costs by over $1M annually.