Private Sector :  Fortune 100 Organizations
Director | Senior Manager

"If the public sector can be likened to that branch of sociology that concerns itself with politics and human relations, most assuredly the private sector is the Ivy League of bottom-line results.'

~Dr. Gary J. Lysik

Developed and Improved Work Plans and Financial | Process Reporting

Identified content and created am advanced delivery format for Quarterly Financial Management Reviews presented to the Board of Directors and the United States Government

Established pertinent work milestones, and developed easy-to-read accomplishment matrices utilizing Earned Value techniques.

Managed Large Research & Development and Production Projects

Contract Development and negotiation

Purchase agreements

Program, Planning & Control, Product Assembly, and End-product Delivery activities

Budget development and financial planning and reporting for contract valued at over $3.2B

Technology Projects

Managed the planning and installation of fiber optic cabling over a span of 5 miles for top-secret video communication transmissions.

Created first on-line billing statements for utility customers and Call Center Representatives.

Lead accounting system upgrade using JD Edwards Enterprise platform.

Provided access to meaningful financial tracking data by developing custom reports utilizing Crystal Report Writing Software, eliminating the need for a costly financial system replacement.

Due Diligence

Reviewed financials, operating practices, and customer bases of similar businesses. After analysis, made recommendation to the Board of Directors for potential purchase offerings.

Management Oversight

Reviewed work flow common practices, recommended process improvements, and implemented activity-based controls.

Developed and established unique training activities and cross-training efforts.