City Manager for the City of Calabasas

"When one has nothing to hide, there comes an exquisite freedom that allows for impassioned creativity to reach for heights never before realized, or possibly even considered.”

~Dr. Gary J. Lysik


As part of my Resignation Agreement and Release of Claims paying particular attention to Section 7, 

Employee and City agree that from this time forward each will refrain from

making any defamatory, derogatory, disparaging or negative remarks,
whether written or oral, about the other, or any person associated with or
representing the other. Employee and the City further agree that from this time
forward neither will make or repeat any allegation of illegal, immoral, unethical or
improper conduct about the other, unless ordered to do so by a court of competent
jurisdiction or otherwise required by law.

there are many things I am legally unable to say.

Vacating a public seat like one occupied by a City Manager is a big deal that naturally garners media attention. Plus it is an election year. Good stewardship of taxpayer money and trust will necessarily go towards making certain the community stays accurately and honestly informed sans slant, sensationalism, or bias. 

Being entrusted with the City's money is a responsibility I and my entire Finance Department staff took very seriously. In addition to internal controls established by GAAP and the City, then executed by Finance at individual checkpoints manifested in a separation of duties and due diligence, as an added layer of protection, at each regularly scheduled council meeting the Council is charged with the final task of approving the check register - an itemized listing of citywide charges. Finally, not less than twice per year, all records are verified to be in compliance with State requirements by an independent State Licensed audit firm. Proudly, and since the start of my tenure at the City, the Council has never refused to sign off. And audit findings have consistently been returned at 0, though it is standard practice for audit firms to make recommendations on emerging system improvements.


I stand proudly by my work at Calabasas serving as the Chief Financial Officer and then City Manager for more than 17 years. 

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” John Wooden