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May 31, 2018



To whom it may concern:



This reference letter  serves as my highest, and unwavering recommendation  for Dr. Gary Lysik. During the last 1 5 y e a r s , I have personally served in the capacity of City Manager for the City of Calabasas, CA, and  have  had  the  greatest  pleasure  working  with Dr. Lysik to  identify and  resolve  many  City related financial issues. He is without question, the finest financial officer that I have worked with in my career. Whatever  position  Gary is seeking to  fill  within  your organization, I can unequivocally  state, without  any reservation, that he will serve your organization well.


Dr. Lysik has a sound understanding of accepted Financial and Accounting practices, and he is able to utilize that understanding to advance the fiscal position of any organization. He is very responsible, has impeccable  attention to  detail, maintains  a high level of  professionalism, and has always met  or exceeded my own expectations of him and the office he holds. Gary's management skills are among his greatest assets, making him an exceptional leader.


During the  fifteen years that  Dr. Lysik has been at the  helm of the  Finance Department, the  City has weathered quite well various external financial trends, including the "Great Recession". I attribute  this in  large  part  to  Gary's keen financial strategy  skills; his ability  to  recognize operational  issues and make expedient and necessary adjustments; his sound cash management and investment practices; his experience developing operational and capital budgets; his knowledge and understanding of contracts, insurance, and other related risk management concerns; his background in regulatory  compliance; his understanding of accounting practices and financial statement preparation; his strong foresight into changing  market  and  economic  conditions;  and  of  course  his  strong  interpersonal,  analytical,  and computer skills.


In short, Dr. Gary Lysik is nothing short of an exceptional Chief Financial Officer who will most definitely serve your   organization  extremely   well  in  that same capacity or in  any other executive  leadership position for which he is being considered. Dr. Lysik comes to you with my highest personal and professional recommendation.

Anthony M. Coroalles, City Manager

City of Calabasas, CA

100 Civic Center Way

Calabasas, California 91302

(818) 224-1600

Fax (818) 225-7324