Happiness is an inside job. Do the work.

I am a Southern California native  who also claims Italy as home  and enjoys the benefits that come with being a proud holder of United States and European  Union passports.

“I don’t think of myself as a

Financial Superhero…but my employers do.”


Lead with integrity


Inspire teams to achieve more

Take calculated chances

Embrace change as a change agent

Use setbacks as stepping stones

Learn then teach

Prioritize family

Laugh, play, enjoy

Give back

Random Thoughts

1. Penguins are ideal role models. They figured out they cannot fly so they use their wings to swim.

2. This is the sun. Every morning the sun rises to shine. Be like the sun.

3. Goonies is a GREAT movie.

4. Every commuter’s dream job begins with the thought of a bed.

5. Behind the wheel you quickly learn driving is not for the faint of heart.  

6. I think my wife sometimes cheats when we play dominoes. Jk

7. Life is about poop management. If you can avoid stepping in it, soiling yourself, or it dropping on you, you’ll have a pretty good run.

8. If you always do what you always did, you’ll miss opportunities to grow.

9. Everyone gets paid exactly what they are worth, unless their value is more than pay.

10. I don’t care what they might tell you, I DO NOT snore.

11. A dime a dozen is worth less than a penny but, in some circles, it might can sell for a dollar.

12. Popeye's ability to turn a negative into a positive is admirable.

13. Men can too like shoes!

14. I like the epitaph my wife has penned for herself: “I’ve arrived at this destination knowing who I am, and happy to have made my


15. The opposite of talking is waiting, not listening.

16. Education is less expensive than ignorance.

17. Trying to please everyone is a recipe for failure.