June 17, 2018


To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Gary Lysik to you. In December of 2003, I was part of the City of Calabasas' City Council that initially hired Dr. Lysik to serve as our first Chief Financial Officer.  I have worked as his boss, as his mentor, as a colleague on the Santa Monica Mountains Fund board, and consider Gary a friend to me, my family and our city. To know Gary is to see he is a man of values and integrity. His ethics and wisdom inform his daily actions.

Professionally speaking, here is why your organization would be better by hiring Gary. He is keenly educated, comes with more than three decades of managerial experience in aerospace, the environment  and municipal governance, and has an outgoing personality.  I have watched Gary steadily and successfully tackle challenge after challenge as CFO of Calabasas.  Before Gary's arrival, the City's underlying bond rating was a "B".  Under his leadership and performance-based budgeting acumen, the City has been awarded a "Aaa" rating from Moody's Investment Services, a distinction held by only 1°/o of all cities nation-wide. This achievement  would not have been possible without Gary's dedication to transparency and diligent stewardship.

Gary is also directly responsible  for the financial performance and stewardship of nearly $1 Billion of the City's funds during his 15-year tenure.  The city has benefited greatly from his innovative action in restructuring the City's debt in
order to take advantage of more favorable interest rates, and construct firm-fixed­ price contracts for major capital construction projects such as the City's Library, City Hall and Senior Center.  His understanding and awareness of fiscal and economic conditions set up opportunities and avoided pitfalls facing all of us during the Great Recession, doubling our interest with a "callable bond" portfolio strategy.

Gary is a seasoned professional, capable of leading any organization interested in meeting their highest goals. He's a detail-oriented, highly accessible executive, who works with no concern about the clock to make everyone's job easier.  He is well respected and works hard to create working environments and processes
that succeed.  His expertise, confidence, and leadership skills combine to make him an asset that does not disappoint. I am certain whatever position he fulfills, Dr. Lysik will not only meet your high standards of excellence, but he will find a way to surpass them.

Please feel free to contact me for a more personal talk on these matters.


Dennis Washburn
Founding Mayor
and 5 Term Councilmember
City of Calabasas, California


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